The Customer accepts that this website records, processes, and uses data as required of it by law. The following Privacy Policy applies only to registered members, because personal data are stored only for registered members.

  1. Your privacy is critically important to us and we handle your information accordingly.
  2. We’ve always kept our users’ data personal and private, and we’ve never been in the business of selling your personal information or mining network traffic to serve ads.
  3. Personal information is collected on our website only to the extent such is required for technical reasons. In any case, the collected data cannot be sold or otherwise marketed.
    We collect data as part of registration, subscriptions to newsletters, and during the ordering process.
  4. Wotra Kft. may process and use personal data collected in the setup and delivery of service (connection data). This includes Customer identification (IP-address) and data regarding time and services received.
  5. Registered members always have the right to request information about the scope and content of stored personal data.