WHOIS data still headed off the GDPR cliff

Despite efforts of the international domain name authority to save the WHOIS database, it still appears likely to black out after GDPR becomes effective. And the blackout could herald other changes for this often-used and essential database, including toll gates.

Is Hashflag Infringement A Thing?

Twitter has been referred to as "the Wild West of the internet—a lawless, godless place designed for sinners and sure to corrupt the pure of heart." While Twitter may not corrupt everyone, it does open new avenues to commit trademark infringement.

What Are Hashtags and Hashflags?

A hashtag is a type of metadata tag used on social media symbolized with a "#" symbol. Users create a hashtag by placing the "#" sign in front of other text or characters, such as #love or #I_Hate_Mondays. This creates a searchable term on Twitter, Instagram, etc., and users can click on that hashtag to search for other social media posts using that same hashtag

Hashtags vs. Trademarks – Does it Really Matter?

The use of social media is soaring, and people are increasingly using #hashtags. As most people know, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark or a pound sign (#) (e.g. #hashtag). Hashtags are used to categorize the content of accompanying text. In other words, the use of the #hashtag in a message makes it easier to do searches by keywords and to group related topics together. Hashtags also help a business to promote itself and the goods or services it offers as well as being an easy way to quickly share news about its goods or services and to interact with its consumers.