What is the difference between intellectual property and copyright?

If you've got an idea that you want to express - whether it's for a book, a new gadget or a fresh method of completing a system or process which will give better results - you obviously don't want someone else to take the credit for it. Not only would someone using your ideas as their own mean less exposure for you, it could also mean less money.
If your idea might have commercial value, it makes sense to ensure that it's classified as your "intellectual property".

Amazon is Finally Admitting That it (Might) Have a Counterfeiting Problem

Amazon admits that it might have a problem with counterfeits. For the first time ever, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant made mention in its annual 10-K filing of the elephant on its platform: fakes. In a single line in the “risk factors” section of the yearly report it files with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Jeff Bezos-owned company stated, “We may be unable to prevent sellers in our stores or through other stores from selling unlawful, counterfeit, pirated, or stolen goods, selling goods in an unlawful or unethical manner, violating the proprietary rights of others, or otherwise violating our policies.”

How Instagram Users are Building Businesses based On Others Intellectual Property

Collections of 90’s fashion moments. Curations of pop-culture imagery mixed with architecture-centric images and nostalgic celebrity photos. Accounts dedicated to the notoriously social media averse Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, or the notoriously social media-happy Kardashian/Jenners. These are the types of accounts that are widely populating Instagram and in many cases, displaying impressive numbers in terms of followers – millions in some of the most popular cases.

Avoid Trademark Infringement When You Choose a Domain Name

In theory, choosing a domain name is simple. If it is memorable, pronounceable, short, clever, easily spelled and suggests the nature of the commerce on your website, you've got yourself a winner. But even if your choice is brilliant from a marketing standpoint, it may not be so smart from a legal perspective.