Take advantage of our service for monitoring trademarks!

We check new trademark registrations in the EU and immediately show you when new brands are imitating yours. Today it has become impossible to personally check every new trademark on similarities. As a user of our Prepaid Services enjoy the advantage to let monitor your brand, or your search term. We check thousands of new trademark registrations in the European Union every week. Our high-performance computer systems compare new trademarks to your brand. We apply various algorithms, such as the Levenshtein distance. Few steps to the Trademark Monitoring Please register and enter the reference number of your Prepaid Services. You can then define which Trademark or whatever term you want to monitor. Simply tell us which search terms you would like us to monitor. We show you at a glance which new trademarks imitate your brand. A simple click is all it takes to find out who is trying to copy your brand: You also receive a report on all new similar brands as often as you require. You regularly receive an update, so you can respond to trademark infringement and abuse immediately.

Further information

Additional information is available in our FAQ. If any questions still remain unanswered, please contact us: service@wotra-register.com