Why do I need all that? How does WOTRA help me to protect my brand?

Registered trademarks are protected by law. However, trademark violations are daily fair and you will certainly want to know as soon as somebody violates your rights. WOTRA immediately informs you about who uses your trademark in Google ads, who uses your trademark in their internet domains, and who registers a trademark similar to yours. Such knowledge enables you to effectively take action against trademark infringements.

How can I control/keep track of your monitoring service?

Open your personal account and look up the results of your monitoring subscription any time.

Which trademarks can you find?

Currently we are incorporating all EU trademarks into our databases.

You claim to find similar trademarks. What do you mean by “similar”?

Our computer systems evaluate similarity by using a combination of different algorithms. Although it is our trade secret how this process really works (just as, for example, Google® does not tell us the details of how search results are ranked), we can tell you that the Levenshtein distance plays a vital role amongst other factors.

Which trademark similarities can I see using WOTRA?

Currently we are analyzing EU trademarks. We are continuously expanding our portfolio and soon will be able to analyze trademarks from every EU country.